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              • Company advantage


              The adoption of the Group management and control model under the management of enterprises, the Group headquarters is responsible for the Groups financial, asset management and the Groups overall strategic planning, the subordinate enterprises to develop their business strategic planning. Headquarters responsible for approving subordinate enterprises plan and give additional value proposal by the subsidiaries executed. This model can be implemented to ensure the maximization of the overall interests of the Group headquarters and subsidiaries to achieve the goal of the group is focused on making the overall balance, improving to do the work on the Groups consolidated results. Such as balancing the needs of the enterprise resources, coordination between the contradictions of the subsidiaries, the implementation of "borderless corporate culture" to cultivate senior director of brand management, the best example of experience sharing and so on.


              Internationalization advantage - Cambodia production line

              • The sources of energy, raw materials, artificial and other advantages
              • Effectively circumvent the trade protection policy, export markets such as the United States, Canada has a preferential duty
              • Technology and equipment

                In order to improve the production efficiency, speed up the transformation and upgrading of industries, and under the governments call "machine substitution". Companies invest 30 million yuan to purchase in the last two years the worlds advanced level of semi-automatic or fully automatic machine, including wood cutting automatic digital machine, cloth cutting automatic cutting machine, Germany durkopp Adler sewing machines, automatic screw machine automatic cutting machine, leather, JUKI sewing machine, etc., after the introduction of the "robot", a type of work by dozens of people in the workshop to the number of people, and enhance product quality