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              • Company Profile

              Haining Hai Pai Funiture Co., Ltd is invested and constructed by OUNUOYA GROUP. It is located at Haining City,Zhejiang Province. The main products is sofa. We have large exhibition place In Shanghai, Singapore and other countries and cities. Currently the company has one modern standard factory buildings, staff dormitories, canteen and other recreation space. Our company now has comprehensive building area of 60000 square meters, more than 1000 employees, Our production mainly export to the United States, Japan, Europe and other countries, and our annual sales are over 100 million.

              The company adopts Group Management and Control Mode to manage the subordinate enterprises. Group headquarters is in charge of the financial and asset operations, and the overall strategic planning. The subordinate enterprises develop their own business strategic planning. The headquarters examine and approve the planning of subordinate enterprises and provide valuable suggestions, which will be executed by subordinate enterprises.

              This model can ensure realization of subordinate enterprises targets and the profit maximization of the overall group. The headquarters is mainly in charge of comprehensive balance and improves the comprehensive benefits of the group, such as balancing the resource requirements among the various enterprises, coordinating contradiction of subordinate enterprises, implementing No Boundary Enterprise Culture, cultivation of Senior Supervisor, brand management and sharing the best model experiences, etc.
                     With the government’s call of machine substitutions, to improve production efficiency and accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading, company invested 30 million yuan to purchase semi-automatic and full-automatic machines, including full-automatic timber cutting digital machine, full-automatic cloth cutting machine, German Duerkopp sewing machine, automatic button-sewing machine, automatic leather cutting machine, JUKI sewing machine and so on, which are in world advanced level. After the introduction of the robots, although the number of employees reduced from dozens to several in a workshop, the quality of products greatly improved.